Work Package 6 – Palliative care

Work Package 6: Palliative care

The overall objective of WP6 is to establish a sustainable, high profile NoE on palliative care, to support the integration of evidence-based palliative care into routine cancer care and to ensure equitable access to palliative care across EU MSs.

The specific objectives will include the definition of:

  • the scope of the NoE on palliative care
  • its activities
  • its potential partners
  • its governance
  • its sustainability beyond 2 years. incl. proof of evidence
  • its indicators of efficacy and its cost/efficacy constraints
  • its relationship with MSs, other EU and national networks, CCCs throughout the EU, patients


WP6 6-month update (October 2022-March 2023)


  • Leading expert scoping to reflect the diverse health care services, levels of care, expertise and networking abilities (T6.1)
  • Selection of experts (T6.2)
  • Definition of the Scope and objectives (T6.3).
  • Memorandum of Understanding regarding what is palliative care and what the integration of palliative care into routine cancer care entails. This is based on the WHO definition of palliative care and: The Lancet Oncology Commission; Integration of Oncology and Palliative Care.

Work methodology

  • Monthly meetings with WP6 collaborators and experts.
  • “Interim” communications via e-mail.
  • Collaboration with EAPC, ESMO, ECO, ELLOK, ECPC and FAVO.

Priorities for the next semester:

  • Facilitating experts’ agreement on the endorsement criteria (T6.4).
  • Scoping of potential centres whose participation in the PC may be beneficial (T6.5).
  • Structure the work of our WP in different “task groups” to facilitate collaboration.
  • Enhancement of communications with CRANE regarding the content of PC.

WP6 12-month update (October 2022-September 2023)

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