Work Package 2 – Dissemination

Work Package 2: Dissemination

  • To disseminate JANE activities through multiple channels and strategies
  • To raise awareness within the medical community and patient advocacy groups on NoEs that will be developed through JANE
  • To contribute to the launch of calls for expressions of interest of potential participants in NoEs


WP2 6-month update (October 2022-March 2023)


  • The JANE website was designed and constructed (D2.1)
  • The JANE Dissemination Strategy Plan was delivered (D2.2)


  • Athens Comprehensive Cancer Centre (ACCC): A holistic approach to cancer treatment, 3-4 November 2022, Athens, Greece: the main concept and the objectives of JANE were presented in the context of this meeting organized by NHRF, DKFZ and NKUA.
  • JANE Kick-off Meeting, 14-15 November 2022, Milan, Italy: the first designs for the JANE logo and the main concept of the JANE website were presented by NHRF.
  • JANE website tele-meeting, 3 March 2023: with the assistance of the coordination team, a dedicated to the website meeting was organized, final decisions were made, and the JANE website was finally at the end of April 2023.

Priorities for the next semester:

  • Support of the website
  • Enhancement of internal communication
  • Newsletter
  • Communicate JANE’s activities to critical target groups and stakeholders

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