Work Package 10 – Hitech medical resources

Work Package 10: Hitech medical resources

The overall objective of WP10 is to establish a NoE on emerging/innovative and/or privileged technologies in the cancer area to ensure optimal coverage of patient needs throughout the EU. Such technologies include biotherapies and advanced therapies, innovative surgical procedures, complex radiation equipment (e.g. hadron therapy), innovative therapeutic nuclear medicine solutions, interventional radiology techniques, early phase clinical research centers dedicated to first-in-human studies and the like. Overall, this NoE will ensure a link with the network of CCCs to progressively promote equitable access to these advanced technologies in the EU and MS.

The specific objectives will include the definition of:

  • the scope of the NoE on hi-tech medical resources
  • its activities
  • its potential partners
  • its governance
  • its sustainability
  • its indicators of efficacy and its cost/efficacy constraints
  • its relationship with MSs, other EU and national networks, CCCs throughout the EU, patients.

Lead beneficiary: UNICANCER, Co-lead INCA

Although WP9:Omics and WP10:Hitech medical resources remain separate, they have decided to work closely together. A joint meeting was held on 19 September 2023 in Paris considering the similar characteristics and common challenges in both WPs.

Endorsement criteria of NoEs on Omics and Hitech medical resources come under the following headings:

  •  Type and volume of activity
  •  Infrastructure, resources, capability
  •  Workflow, accessibility, collaboration

Three levels are envisaged:

  • Level 1 (with some resources, possibly incomplete)
  • Level 2 (intermediate)
  • Level 3 (leaders in the field, mature level)

Five different subgroups of resources have been identified:

  • Innovative radiotherapy
  • Interventional radiotherapy
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Cell therapies
  • Ex vivo testing of agents

The teams are working on synergies to establish the future position of the NoEs in the European cancer landscape, drawing up a common table for both WPs.

WP10 12-month update (October 2022-September 2023)

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