Work Package 9 – “omics NOE” for cancer

Work Package 9: “omics NOE” for cancer

This WP will focus on the development of a NoE fostering the integration of omic technologies into the EU healthcare systems (HCSs) to ameliorate prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Indeed, cancer is to be considered as a disease that should be prevented, early/timely diagnosed and treated appropriately within a continuum (the PDT cycle).

The specific objectives will include the definition of:

  • the scope of the omics technologies “as is” and “to be”
  • the scope of NoE on omics resources “as is” and “to be”
  • the tasks and roles of an NoE ‘omics’
  • the integration of omics NoE in the European/global omics ecosystem
  • the omics NoE governance structure
  • its sustainability
  • its indicators of efficacy and its cost/efficacy constraintsits relationship with MSs, other EU and national networks, patients and citizen

Lead Beneficiary: SCIENSANO

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