Work Package 12 – Integration between health care and research

Work package WP12 – TTF1 – Integration between health care and research

  • Mapping current challenges in the integration between healthcare and research in the perception of clinical researchers and physicians.
  • Analyzing existing opportunities to conduct large low-cost clinical trials and to generate real-world evidence through networking.
  • Improving the coordination of research by providing effective and efficient mechanisms by means of the new NoEs.
  • Widening participation in research and improve the efficiency of research.

Lead Beneficiary: KRONIKGUNE

WP12 6-month update (October 2022-March 2023)


  • The dates for the WP12 Monthly meetings were set
  • Organization of a workshop for the definition of a common framework to represent the current situation of translational research
  • Definition of a framework for assessing current challenges in integration between health care and research (Figure 3).
  • Discussion and selection of the literature review process as part of the methodology of Task 1 (Figure 4).

Figure 3. Framework for the literature review

Figure 4. Options for the literature review methodology


  • JANE WP12 Kick-of Meeting, 16 December 2022
  • JANE WP12 Monthly Meeting, 21 February 2023
  • JANE WP12 Monthly Meeting, 28 March 2023

Priorities for the next semester:

Task 1. Assessing current challenges in research portfolios and integration between healthcare and research

– Conduct a literature review and definition of the state of the art of the challenges of the integration between healthcare and research

– Develop the methodology for the desktop search

– Preparation of a report with the review results

Task 2. Establishing clinical research networks (CRN)

– Define the methodology for the establishment of the CRNs

– Define the state of the art of the CRNs in Europe

– Organize thematic group for discussion

Task 3. Proposing guidelines for effective and efficient organization and management of research efforts facilitated by NoEs

– Define the profile of clinical leads and CRN manager (this sub-task will be developed at the same time of Task 2).

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